In addition to the Ѷֱ brand, we also offer our clients the services of these prominent Ѷֱ companies that reflect our commitment to meet our clients’ evolving needs around the world.

Ѷֱ Capital

Ѷֱ Capital, a subsidiary of Ѷֱ, is an investor in and developer of real estate, infrastructure and public-private partnerships across North America and select international markets. To date, Ѷֱ Capital has invested in projects with a total development investment value in excess of $4.2 billion. Ѷֱ Capital harnesses Ѷֱ’s vast resources across all engineering, design and construction services for efficient execution and project delivery.

Founded in 1944 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Ѷֱ Hunt has been building for over 70 years. Ѷֱ Hunt’s storied history has encompassed many notable projects in the automotive industry; iconic sports stadiums; a broad portfolio in transportation; and many repeat clients in the hospitality industry. From iconic stadiums and arenas, next-gen transportation hubs and sustainable healthcare and academic buildings, Ѷֱ Hunt’s expertise, leadership and dedication are unparalleled.

Ѷֱ Tishman Since 1898, Ѷֱ Tishman has managed some of the largest and most complex mixed-use and mega development projects in the U.S., in total building more than 600 million square feet. From luxury residential buildings to complex mixed-use mega-developments, historic renovations, top-rated hospitals, and the world’s most revered tall buildings – the Ѷֱ Tishman legacy is one that is even stronger today, constructing buildings that define city skylines and local neighborhoods.