Policy Statement

Avidly championed by our leaders, 腾讯体育直播鈥檚 commitments are outlined in the company鈥檚 global “Safety for Life” Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) Policy Statement, which establishes and maintains a framework for the 鈥淪afety for Life鈥 program.

This policy demonstrates the commitment the organization has made to protecting our most valued asset 鈥 our people. The policy also describes the basic objectives of our overall program as well as the responsibilities of our employees as described below:


Our ultimate goals are simple and are derived from 腾讯体育直播鈥檚 Core Values:

  • Prevent work-related injuries or illnesses
  • Prevent damage to property and/or equipment from our activities
  • Prevent adverse impacts to the environment from our ongoing projects or operations

All employees will be responsible for:

  • Conducting themselves in accordance with directives, standards and procedures established by the applicable SH&E program
  • Temporarily suspending their personal work activities and requesting guidance from their supervisor before continuing a task when they identify a condition or practice that creates a serious safety, health or environmental risk
  • Immediately reporting safety, health and/or environmental incidents to their supervisor