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Jazz Advice for Play Better

Today we’re offering up a bit of encouragement sprinkled in with some straight up jazz advice to get your jazz music career headed in the direction you want. Consider the following 7 bits of advice to jumpstart your road to jazz fame.

# Set a Personal Goal

Our number one piece of jazz advice is to set a personal goal. Each time you sit down to play your musical instrument of choice, it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind. Why? Because without a goal you’re dead in the water. You don’t know where to turn to and you probably won’t stick with your practice very long. You know that you’re expected to practice, but you might not have a good reason to.

An example of a personal goal might be to play a solo transcript from your favorite musician, or it could be to learn the basic chords, whatever it is make sure you have a goal before you head into each practice session.

# Get the Right Attitude

Don’t expect to be a great jazz guitar or music player night. It won’t happen. Instead, focus on maintaining a positive attitude. Sure, it won’t always be easy, but you’ll make your practice harder on yourself with a negative or resentful attitude.

# Be Patient!

Playing off the last tip, I firmly believe that developing patience is part of becoming an excellent jazz musician. You have to want it so bad that you create an attitude of patience and recognize that you’re not as amazing as you might think you are. Every artist goes through some sort of learning curve. It is the only way you prove yourself worthy.

# Hire a Good Teacher

If you’re struggling to get the chords and basic foundation of jazz music, it might be time to hire a teacher. Whether you get one online or hire a local coach, don’t wait until you’re totally frustrated to hire a professional. The guidance they provide will keep you motivated and helps you pick out weak areas right from the start.

# Stick With It

Never give up. It’s cliche and corny, but it’s one of the best pieces of jazz advice anyone can give you. You’re going to encounter challenges that make you want to throw your instrument against the wall. Resist that urge. Focus on your inspiration and set a day and time you practice each week (or day), and commit. The reward is an improved ability to play.

# Eliminate Distractions

Shut off your smartphone, log off Facebook, and focus. Eliminating distractions during your practice sessions works wonders at helping you achieve your goals. This is especially true if you have limited time to practice. 30-45 minutes of focused practice can go a long way towards improving your abilities.

Use these pieces of jazz advice to improve your skills, refocus your energy, and ultimately become a pro jazz musician.